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Through the cooperation with asia on cultures and technology, we will develop manufactured products made of paper or rolls of film to industrial materials and electric and electronic materials, automobile manufacturers internationally, and support customer's manufacturing.
Company's outline
Trade name TAKARAINC.CO.Ltd
Address 1-4-8 Kitakyuhojimachi,Chuo-ku,Osaka-shi,Osaka 541-0057 Japan
Capital stock ¥300,000,000
Settlement 31st of May
number of employees 101
President Statement
Coatings and Laminatings
"To make high functions of materials function with technology"
〜Industrial materials, Electronic materials, Medical materials, Interior and Exterior materials, Printing materials〜
TAKARAINC.CO.Ltd strives to use innovative manufacturing technologies to meet the ever changing
demand in the market while functioning as a trading company since the establishment of its business.
The company's goal hereafter is to continue developing innovative manufacturing
technologies that will maximize the characteristics of materials and expand the business globally.
I would like to ask for your continued support in the future

President Makoto fujita
Company Philosophy
Through the corporate activities based on the philosophy "make company better, make ourselves better", we aim at industrial development and social contribution.
Management Philosophy
Manage a company, to give customers a benefit and employees the worth to work, to fulfill stockholder's expectation and to be socially trusted.
Behavior Philosophy
Act with the stances to comply with a law and have reasonable and equitable ethics.Take customer's trust and act as a member of community responsibly.
Functional Material Section
In this section, dealing with the paper (for print, package, information and industrial), many kinds of plastic film (especially manufactured), nonwovens and foam. These materials suit for electric or electronic industry, automobile manufacturers, industrial products and consumer goods.
Interior and Exterior Department
We supply functional and decorative sheets and boards those suit for the walls, floor and ceiling in house, shop or public facilities. These are the themes of products development, considering environmental issues, being care for earth and people, and living safely and comfortably.
Plastic Department
Laminating with other materials or coating with paints or glues, we add some functions to rolls of plastic film in own factory. Our products are in industrial, electric or electronic devices, and support their normal works.
Dealing Items
Textural materials for packages of cosmetics or gamesofts. Highly formability materials for cellphones or personal computers. Base materials of transcription for printing or titling. Interior materials for houses, stores and offices.
Carrier film, liner film and separator film consumed in the progress of manufacturing or assembly.
Osaka TEL:06-6262-4526 Nagoya TEL:052-581-9455
  FAX:06-6261-4529   FAX:052-581-9454
Tokyo TEL:03-6850-0181    
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